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Annual Multi Trip Travel Plans by April
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Find the right plan for your multi trip travel insurance

You are a frequent traveler and need coverage to take care of you. Wouldn’t it be nice to purchase travel insurance that will cover you for all your personal and business trips throughout the year? That is what APRIL Travel Protection’s Annual Multi Trip insurance programs were designed to cover. With one purchase, you never have to think about your travel protection. These programs were designed for the traveler who takes various trips throughout the year. The program will cover you for all these trips without having to tell us that you went on a trip!

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We want to simplify your life and know that with one purchase of our Annual Multi Trip insurance program you will enjoy all your travels knowing April. Take a look at both options for either our Elite or Universal program. We know that one of these plans will meet your personal needs.

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Our Annual Multi Trip Travel Plans

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    I have an HMO plan but it was going to be a little shaky on whether I’d be able to utilize that so we figured that purchasing April insurance was a simple way to give us a little extra peace of mind. With just one phone call, April Travel set me up with a coverage I couldn’t match it anywhere else.