APRIL Travel Protection’s claims reimbursement processes are technologically advanced and secure with a focus on easy submissions and rapid payments.  While our exclusive Stress Less service  will be the best way for policyholders to manage claimable situations that occur while traveling, there will always be those claims (like Trip Cancellation) that require the more traditional, form-related approach.  As with our Stress Less service, APRIL has developed a unique and efficient claims reimbursement process that makes it simple to file and get compensated.

Here are some of the attributes of APRIL’s Claims Reimbursement Process:

  • Online or Offline Simple Claim Forms
  • Average turnaround time of 7-10 business days
  • 24/7 ability to open or check the status of a claim
  • Forms can be partially autocompleted with policy data we already have
  • Fully-licensed to process claims in all 50 states
  • Multilingual staff available
  • Denied claims receive a phone call to review & possibly help with an appeal
  • Payments can be received by check or ACH transfer

Contact APRIL Travel Protection

The number you should use varies by the plan you have purchased. Please see your Summary of Benefits or follow the instructions below.

  • For APRIL Choice Plans purchased after February 1, 2018, please dial: (844) 509-1828
  • For all APRIL Plans purchased before February 1, 2018, please dial: (855) 277-4587 - Press 4
  • For Front Gate Event policyholders purchased before December 29, 2017, please dial: (800) 554-3028
  • For Front Gate Event policyholders purchased after December 29, 2017, please dial: (844) 217-2509

To reach APRIL Travel Protection by mail:

APRIL Travel Protection
11900 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 610
Miami, FL 33181