Established in 1999, TicketPlan were the original innovators of ticket protection and insurance, and are now widely recognized as a leading global brand in this sector.
TicketPlan is powered in the States by APRIL USA, part of France’s APRIL Group, a leading insurance provider in travel and other specialty insurance programs for over 30 years within Europe and Latin America.
TicketPlan and APRIL USA currently work with many of the world’s leading ticketing companies within the performing arts, rock and pop, events, leisure, travel and sports sectors.

What is Ticket Insurance?

Ticket refund insurance is now very much a customer expectation when booking tickets of all kinds in advance.

TicketPlan protects ticket buyers against their inability to attend pre-booked events due to specified unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, illnesses, bereavements and many others.

Ticketing companies earn additional revenue with each TicketPlan sale providing them with a significant incremental revenue stream whilst providing a valuable added value service.

We deal with all ticket claims for reimbursement and make all settlement payments directly to ticket buyers.

Additional information & Contact

Feel free to download our PDF documents:

To find out more about how TicketPlan could work for you and your ticket buyers in more detail, please send us an email: inquiries@ticketplangroup.com

Our clients

We currently work with many of the leading ticketing companies in the US, UK and Europe including:

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