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March 22, 2017

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“The recently announced ban on tablets, laptops, cameras and other electronics on flights originating from select Middle Eastern gateways is sure to face public backlash as passengers simply don’t trust the airlines to handle delicate electronics,” says Jason Schreier, CEO for APRIL Travel Protection’s Miami-based U.S. headquarters. “Beyond the convenience of accessing personal electronics onboard, many passengers are reluctant to pack these expensive devices in their checked luggage—and with good reason.”

Schreier noted that many travel insurance policies have low reimbursement limited for electronics, and some policies do not cover tablets or laptops.

“Travel agents should advise affected passengers to limit the total dollar value of checked devices to the $500 coverage maximum for electronics hidden in the fine print within in many travel protection policy agreements, Schreier says. “Above all else, the most important rules to remember when comparing travel insurance policies are ‘never make assumptions, fully read coverage agreements and always look at the fine print.”

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